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About us

Business’ rely on their computers more then ever to perform at the highest level possible. From email communications to business critical applications, when your computers and your network systems are not working you are losing money and time. CMA has the experience you need to get you back up and running again. We can also monitor your network and computer systems to possibly help you avoid future costly downtime.

CMA is the leader in Computer/Network sales and service. Rely on us to provide you with competitive pricing on all new product purchases. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our clients and understanding their needs.

Making the decision to outsource the management of your company’s information technology (IT) involves a significant investment of your time and money. CMA has provided the following questions to help you with this process:

  • Is your network too large for you to manage yourself?

  • Are your employees neglecting their assigned duties in order to maintain your network?

  • Do you have network problems that cause your office to lose productivity?

  • By maintaining your network in-house, do you think you are saving money?

  • Is your current IT provider un-responsive when you are experiencing computer problems?

If you answered “YES’ to any of these questions it’s time to explore your “alternatives” with CMA. Our knowledgeable representatives are ready to discuss the products and services that are right for your company.